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Commercial growth to launch ecological solutions internationally!

Hysopt, an acronym for “Hydronic System Optimisation”, was formed in 2014 as a spin-off from the University of Antwerp. The organisation has a clear goal: to optimise HVAC installations in new and existing buildings so that they emit far less CO2 (up to 40%) and consume less energy (up to 30%). Today, Hysopt is making an international impact, with offices in Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK. In 2020, they saved their customers a total of over 8000 tonnes of CO2 and €747,091.48 in operational energy costs.  More comfort with less energy consumption; Hysopt’s contribution to a more sustainable world.

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“Making our customers more sustainable”

A clear view on market approach!

Helexia Flanders helps companies and organisations to switch to sustainable energy without compromising their own resources or business. The awareness of alternative energy sources and the energy transition or switch is a topical subject. The actual switch is not easy for many companies, because it is not part of their core business. Helexia was founded in 2010 to overcome this problem. Through their unique ESCO model, they offer energy to tackle energy problems and switch to sustainable profitability. A perfect example of bringing Economy and Ecology together.

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