The Pathway to your Climate Neutral Business!  

For many, sustainability remains an utterly vague, complex, and confusing concept. And even without confusion, questions concerning usefulness of actions and impact arise.  The Ecological Entrepreneur translates complexity to concrete guidelines, policies, and activities to make sustainability actionable.  

How can your company move towards carbon neutrality, to climate neutrality, as soon as possible? What are sensible actions? How to be sure actions matter? Questions many companies struggle with. Therefore, it is imperative to create a pathway to ensure the future of your company and our planet.  

Sustainability according to our vision? Not having a negative impact on your environment, on a social, ecological, and economical level. We focus on the “ecological” aspect, including all environmental based elements as carbon, water, waste, biodiversity, mobility, energy… As a company you need to create an ecological profit. The Ecological Entrepreneur guides your organisation towards having a positive ecological impact in a feasible timeframe.  

Sustainability Workshop

Align your company about the topic of sustainability, to capture the depth of basic knowledge and create awareness. What is sustainability? Why does it matter? How to you want to fill in the concept?

Sustainability Strategy

Strategy development to determine your sustainability ambitions, climate goals, needs and intentions. Together we create a made-to-measure sustainability strategy, suitable for your company.

Carbon analysis

a science-based scope 1, 2 or 3 analysis, based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO 14064. Our analysis provides a baseline measurement and exposes the major factors of influence behind your carbon footprint.

Roadmap & Plan

We will co-decide on the themes and priorities for roadmap and action plan creation. This will be aligned on two different, but simultaneous activities, for long term impact and short-term tangible changes.

Reporting (ESG) & Communication

Transparency is key. We therefore focus on three levels of communication: internal, stakeholder and ESG reporting.

Annual repeat

Progress needs to be measured. This entails a yearly repetition of the carbon analysis and roadmap proceedings.

Our Skills

Kaizen” or “Continuous Improvement”.
Our skills are not completed at 65%, 80%, 85% … Our focus lies with the continuous improvement, adaptation and strengthening of our skills. “Kaizen”.

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