In-house Carbon Academy

  • What is carbon?
  • How to calculate your own carbon footprint?
  • How to develop a sustainability strategy?
  • What actions towards sustainability can you undertake?
Register for the In-house Carbon Academy

For CommToZero members

This course will provide a base carbon analysis (scope 1 & 2) of your organisation, allowing you to take the first steps in your carbon reduction approach towards carbon neutrality.

During four sessions The Ecological Entrepreneur will train you in calculating your own carbon footprint, translated towards building a clear strategy and action plan.

What will you learn?

  • Basic carbon analysis of your company - scope 1 & 2
  • Strategy and action plan to evaluate towards carbon neutrality
  • Trained member to manage your sustainability process
  • . One year license to science-based Carbon+Alt+Delete carbon accounting software

Go from zero effort to zero carbon

57% of companies have a sustainability approach

45% of companies has a sustainability lead

50% of companies already get questions from clients

70% of employees expect a climate policy

What are you waiting for?

Pricing Carbon Calculation Academy

  • One person: € 1.500,- per company (1 person)
  • Additional persons of same company: € 950,- per additional person


  • 4 online & physical training sessions
  • Slidedeck on carbon calculation
  • One year license carbon accounting software

Optional 5th session: Create your personal action plan

One-to-one guidance session for validating your sustainability action plan

  • € 750,-

Grow profits, expand market share, and keep clients happy in a sustainable way!

Learn during the Carbon Calculation Academy how to:

  • Measure your carbon footprint
  • Define a carbon footprint reduction strategy
  • Start your sustainability pathway

Planning & Schedule


The basics of carbon calculation

Online or at Propaganda Zaventem

What is Carbon Calculation? Why does it matter? Which laws will impact you? How do you start calculating?


Let's go deeper: the difficulties in carbon calculation


You started your first basic calculation, but how do you go further? What did you learn? What was difficult? What did you integrate?

Compensation & reduction as part of your strategy? How can you include this?


The outcome, now what?


If you have a carbon analysis Scope 1-2, what are you going to do? What are your options & next steps?


Strategy: how to go Net Zero?

Online or at Propaganda Zaventem

You have an outcome of Scope 1-2. We explained all the different options, potential actions, scenario's, ... How are you going to choose?

We make a decision together where you want to go as a company!