Steering and optimizing microbial processes

There is a growing awareness for (single use) plastic usage and its negative environmental impact

The amount of plastic produced annually has exploded over the last 70 years, with an expected increase to 600 million tons by 2025. Within the framework of sustainability and the development of alternative raw materials, there is a need for more degradable alternatives to plastic.

Demand increases for the development of polymers that are better than the current available alternatives, more specifically in terms of biodegradability. However, most industrial companies lack knowledge and expertise in the microbial field, which are necessary for testing in accordance with regulations.  

With an aim to making the world a better and healthier placeAvecom has over 25 years of experience in microbial degradation. By means of biodegradation tests they demonstrate the degradability of polymers, in accordance with all requirements, so that they can be successfully used. These tests can be carried out under aerobic (presence of free oxygen) and anaerobic (no presence of free oxygen) conditions. 

They go beyond the standard tests and use our expertise for interpretation, optimization and certification throughout the entire process.  As R&D partner, Avecom uses various scientific microbial applications, combining expertise with out of the box thinking throughout the entire product development chain.



januari 31, 2022