Airscan brings together the expertise and unique technologies to improve air quality in our society

Airscan wants to improve the health, well-being and sustainability of our society​, by providing a comprehensive, integrated approach to clean air, both indoors and outdoors. 

On a day-to-day base we simulate, diagnose, improve, monitor and communicate about air quality. We solve the following questions: 

  • Simulation: What will the future air quality be in your building?
  • Diagnostics: What is the current air quality in your building? Does it harm your employees? 
  • Improve: How can you improve bad air quality, to resolve negative impacts on peoples health, productivity and absence? 
  • Monitor: Short term effects are easily fixed, but how can you make sure air quality doesn’t diminish? 
  • Communicate: How do you make people aware of the importance of air quality? 


February 3, 2022